Positivity Project

What is the Positivity Project?

Mission: The Positivity Project (P2) is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students to build strong relationships and become their best selves. Students are taught to understand, appreciate, and exemplify character strengths in us all.  

Vision: The Postitivity Project partners with schools across Fairfax County and the nation to equip teachers with the resources and training to teach positive psychology's 24 character strengths.

Why Saratoga?

Saratoga ES is participating in the Positivity Project for the following reasons:

  • Relationships are the cornerstone of health, happiness and resilience--and many jobs of the future.
  • We want to build a positive school culture by developing a common vocabulary and self-aware, empathetic students--who see character strengths in themselves and others.
  • The Positivity Project aligns with our existing programs such as Portrait of a Graduate and Social Emotional Learning.
  • The Positivity Project is a schoolwide program, but lessons are different and age appropriate for each grade level. 

Schedule of Activities

Every one to two weeks, our students learn about a new character strength. By leveraging Positivity Project resources, provided free of cost, teachers use approximately 10-15 minutes several times a week to lead a discussion about that week’s strength. Teachers are equipped with resources, but encouraged to tailor daily character education to their students’ unique needs.

Positivity Project Website

Positivity Project Video