A note from Mr. Shoemaker & Mr. Rogers

April 12, 2020

Welcome Stallions!!


Mr. Shoemaker

Mr. Rogers


Office hours: Monday-Thursday from 9:00-10:00am or by appointment.

(Email the teacher in the alluded time for a meeting.)

Mr. Shoemaker- @email

Mr. Rogers- @email


Our Mission:

It is our goal to help each student increase their level of fitness and skill through a variety of physical and health related activities.  Students will engage in activities while attaining knowledge of rules and skills needed for individual and team related sports with an emphasis on lifetime fitness.

Our Goal(s): To help students build and create opportunities for health and physical activity. To help engage in social, physical, and environmental responsibility. We will do our best as distance educators and are always here for our students and community.

Rules and Expectations:

What does PE look like:

Due to distance learning, all instructional resources and activities will be posted on Blackboard. Each week there will be new material that are created around the standards for the Health and Physical Education.

-Under the Specials, then  PE tab on Blackboard, There will be tabs for the grade levels.

-There will be several activities listed per week.

- Look out for links sent out by the teachers that will host “live stream” of activities.